Gitte Højlund

Gitte Højlund

People & Business Developer

+45 5382 4466

Gitte finished her masters in Organization and Strategy at Aalborg University in the summer of 2018.

She is a person who is very versatile and thrives in a dynamic environment. Gitte holds a great interest in creating relations between people, including having to reconcile different perspectives. She has experience with interviews and engaging in dialog with many different people. She has gained these skills by her project work, har sales and marketing assistant as well as corporations with public sector and private companies.

Gitte’s educational background has given her an interest in the development of organizations, internally as well as externally, this can be seen in her developmental projects that regards organizations identity, culture or strategy. Furthermore, she has an interest in business aimed Social Media. Gitte is a team player but can also work independently.

She has lived in Aarhus the last five years and enjoys being social and spending time with family and friends.