Finance Manager/CFO, Cercare Medical

Join a high-potential medtech company, which bridges the gap between science and clinical practice. We are looking for a key player with extensive experience, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a strong willingness to take part in an exciting journey with Cercare Medical.

betterpeople A/S is looking for a Finance Manager/CFO on behalf of Cercare Medical. 

Cercare Medical 

Since 2013, Cercare Medical A/S has been developing advanced software, which utilizes artificial intelligence for image analysis of MRI and CT. The company sells and offers its solutions to Danish and international healthcare sectors. Cercare Medical collaborates closely with the manufacturers of advanced scanner units, which thereby enables the implementation of Cercare Medical’s software in the scanners. The company is based on groundbreaking research and robust technology, which emerged when existing technology failed to reach the results it was supposed to and technically capable of. Cercare Medical aimed to change exactly that. Ever since, they have demonstrated exceptional capabilities of monitoring brain tissue oxygenation. The company firmly believes that every patient should benefit from science and advanced technology. Currently, the company has approximately 40 employees, including commercial representatives abroad. 

Crucial role  

As a Finance Manager/CFO, you will play a crucial role in the overall finances of the company, with responsibilities in various areas. These include traditional financial tasks such as budgeting, budget management, annual reporting, and managing the payroll. Additionally, you will be responsible for relevant and comprehensible board reporting, and the development of updated sales statistical tools. In this role, you will work closely with the CEO of Cercare Medical, Kim Mouridsen. Your primary workplace will be at Navitas in Aarhus C. 

Eye for detail and strategic thinker  

This position calls for someone who is interested in the exciting development of Cercare Medical. With your broad experience and expertise in finance, you will help the company elevate to the next level. The role requires an entrepreneurial approach, and since you will carry the primary financial responsibility, you are expected to be efficient at working independently. Consequently, you are not afraid to take the initiative and thrive in a hands-on role. In the long term, the intention for you is to assemble a small finance team. You will be part of the management team, which implies that you possess analytical and strategic skills. This is where your eye for detail is highly appreciated. Your communicative skills are strong both internally on a daily basis, and externally concerning reporting and presenting. 

Motivation and ambition 

Cercare Medical represents a diverse team characterized by ambition and dedication. Everyone takes part in the company's results and success. You will play a meaningful role and be instrumental in helping create an even better workplace for yourself and your colleagues. The position offers significant opportunities for developing both your competences and career. 

Apply for the job if you are motivated to influence processes, enabling you, along with the rest of the management team, to guide the company to the next stage on its journey of growth.  

The recruitment is managed by betterpeople A/S 

Cercare Medical is partnering with betterpeople about the recruitment process, which means all questions and applications are managed by betterpeople.  

The position is to be occupied as soon as possible, and we will process applications continuously. However, we are willing to wait for the right candidate. If you have any questions, please contact Sine Fæste at sfm@betterpeople.dk. All applications are managed confidentially and with discretion. With reference to the GDPR regulations, we ONLY receive applications through the link on our website. If you have any problems with uploading your application through this link, please contact us. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our job advertisement is automatically and continuously renewed on job portals until the position is occupied. A renewal of the job advertisement is not an expression of a reposting, although it may appear so. 

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